What We Do

Founded in 1995, the non-profit organization Coalition Ingenu works with mental health centers and support systems, homeless shelters, and rehabilitation programs to promote and encourage creativity as a means to psychological and emotional well-being. Through the development and facilitation of open studio art classes and visits with existing art programs and artists, Coalition Ingenu provides opportunities for creative achievement by self-taught artists marginalized by extraordinary circumstances.

With the written consent of the artists and/or program facilitators, C.I. photographs the artwork and builds portfolios of slides and prints to be used to solicit art exhibits in galleries, community centers, hospitals, churches, bookstores and other venues. For each exhibit, C.I. frames all the work or otherwise prepares it for presentation; designs, produces and mails invitations and programs, hangs the artwork, and manages all proceeds and returns. Proceeds from sales go to the artists with a portion going back into the program to help cover costs.

To date, Coalition Ingenu has presented over 100 exhibits, displayed over 6000 works of art representing well over 200 self-taught artists, and worked with more than 45 hospitals and nonprofits from West Chester, PA to Haddonfield, NJ. Many of the artists have sold artwork to private and corporate collectors, and selected work and/or articles about the collective have appeared on calendars, greeting cards, catalogs, murals, CD covers, newspapers, magazines, numerous web sites, and books.