David Kime


Born in Trenton, NJ in 1967, David began writing poetry in 1989 upon hearing voices commanding him to write a book.
Later that year he had a vision which prompted him to build a seven foot wearable sculpture which he refers to as the DEEVA GODDESS.
He has been a prolific self-taught writer and sculptor ever since, claiming that “art has given him a reason to live and has been a catharsis for dealing with manic depressive disorder”.
His sculptures, made of chicken wire, yarn, melted crayons, shredded plastic buckets and aluminum cans, doll heads and other found objects, represent a kind of exorcism of the demons which have plagued his subconscious mind.
David also self-produces a national literary ” ‘zine” called “Transcendent Visions” and a political essay ‘zine called “Crazed Nation”, both of which give voice to people with various mental disorders.
David Kime was featured in a chapter of the book, “Different Minds / Different Voices” by Virginia Aronson, which outlined the achievements of selected artists and explored the relationship between creativity and mental illness.