John Author Goffigan

John Author Goffigan is a very polite, private and deeply religious man. He displays little interest in having his artwork exhibited anywhere outside of the small community room and art space at the J.F.K. Mental Center where he does most of his work.
Apart from the fact that he was born (in the early 50’s) and raised somewhere in Virginia, very little is known about his past. He made his way to Philadelphia as a young man, experienced a period homelessness, and now lives in a boarding home in North Philadelphia. Goffigan frequently embellishes his clothing by sewing on strips of colored cloth, buttons or fringe. A prolific sculptor and painter, his work often includes images of dinosaurs, large sea creatures and religious icons. Many of his paintings are characterized by dark suns, sawed off mountaintops, waterfalls, sailboats, large trees and a recurring stylized flying bird with the wings pointed forward.
John is a founding member of Coalition Ingenu and his work has appeared in at least 30 Coalition Ingenu exhibits.